Olivia is a site responsive artist and aims to capture the essence of place using jewellery, photography and works on paper.

She has just finished her second Wilderness Residency at Cradle Mountain. She spent her time in residence roaming, romping and wandering through the landscape, collecting impressions and investigating new ways of working in place. In November 2019 there will be a showing of her results at the Lightbox Gallery at Salamanca. She now takes these initial ideas deeper into the reserve and will spend the next year walking much of the land she can see and is drawn to from the Overland Track creating permanent records of Vulnerable Places

Impressions from the Reserve will be exhibited in the Sidespace Gallery in October 2020 and then from Novemeber 2020 at the Cradle Wilderness Gallery until February 2021.

Some of the work created for past exhibitions is currently for sale and for other exhibition opportunities please get in touch.

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'Snowgum' print with sterling silver brooch/pendant

'Snowgum' print with sterling silver brooch/pendant

Impressions of Cradle Mountain, an exploration of place (2017).  

Olivia was awarded a Drombrovskis Wilderness Residency Grant by Arts Tasmania to undertake a two month residency over the winter of 2016 in Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. This exhibition was the direct response to the explorations physically, conceptually and artistically that were undertaken whilst living at Waldheim nestled amongst the King Billy Pines.

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Topophilia (2015)

(n): The love of or emotional connection with place or physical environment

This body of work was the result of an investigation of the interplay between jewellery, sculpture and photography and how, in combination, can convey a deeper sence of connection to place.  The work was focused on the vulnerable places in Tasmania and is now a permanat record of ephemeral places.

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Tales of the Tarkine (2015)

"I was nestled in the Rainforest listening to the stories of the land. I heard Echoes of past travellers, the tarkinener people and the earth speaking speaking of times  of Gondwana"

This collection of 29 stackable sterling silver, Huon Pine and Tiger Mytle rings were imprinted with seven different ferns collected from the Tarkine and mostly moulded in place. They have been designed to be worn individully as well as to be stacked together and are currently made on commission.

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Holdfast (2013)

'Whilst diving I find  myself completely mesmirised by the moving seaweed in the surge of the ocean and often just find myself floating above or within them. I am filled with wonder at how they manage to hold so tightly, in even the biggest storms.'

This piece is available in a limited edition.